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uReview is a cloud based software designed to aid companies of all sizes in efficiently conducting employee appraisals while securely storing vital employee data. This includes position descriptions, training records, anonymous employee survey and essential HR information.

uReview offers a range of tools and resources including customisable employee appraisal template, goal tracking, performance feedback and development plans. The uReview portal allows the comprehensive storing of employee appraisals, position descriptions, training and employee surveys. 

uReview will provide full support throughout the set-up process, either in person with the client on site or remotely. The initial setup involves exporting all staff, departments, and clients into a spreadsheet including importing any appraisals and position descriptions. 

uReview also provides support in the development of specific KPI’s for individual employees if required. 

The next step is to spend time with the management team and employees, explaining the software, demonstrating how to use it and providing the opportunity to ask any questions.