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When I interview people I ask, what type of company do you want to work for? What type of culture? They almost always say friendly and fun, somewhere they feel appreciated and a good work/life balance.

There are many ways that an organisation can influence their culture but the most significant way is to get buy in at the management level. The organisations that have an awesome culture have management that are present! They take the time to randomly catch up with people and ask them how they are, what they think of the company and is there anything the company could be doing better. They also recognise that these people joined the company with their own personal tool kit of skills either personal and professional and knowing what these are can be beneficial to the company. Sometimes people join and leave an organisation with management never knowing what their true capability was. 

Many years ago the owner of a company I worked for pulled up a chair alongside my desk and asked what I thought of my job and the company. To this day I still remember how important it made me feel and how it changed my view on what good management is all about. He was a busy person but he took the time. Sometimes that is all most people want is your time. What he was doing by catching up with people was sharing the responsibility of their employment by reaching down deep into his organisation to find out how it ticks. Regular check-ins with employees are essential in developing excellent communication. 

It’s not surprising that some of the biggest companies in New Zealand put a serious weighting on their employees well-being.

The question is, are you?